Research Project

Please pay attention to the due dates

Due Dates and Points:

Due (all due at 11:59pm)




Suggested: Wed. 7/14

Final: Sun. 7/18

Annotated Bibliography


Find at least 4 sources

Suggested: Fri. 7/16

Final: Sun. 7/18



Fill out an argument map, or write your own plan for the paper (PACES)

Suggested: Mon. 7/19

Final: Sun. 7/25

Rough Draft


Must have at least half of your paper complete

Suggested: Wed. 7/21

Final: Sun. 7/25

Peer Review of Rough Draft


Must review one (1) assigned student essay.

Suggested: Fri. 7/23

Final: Sun. 7/25



5-10 min posted to Canvas

Suggested: Sat. 7/24

Final: Sun. 7/25

Presentation Peer Review


Comment on at least one (1) other students video with constructive criticism

Sun. 7/25

Final Draft


Submit to Canvas

Sun. 7/25

Reflection of the research writing process


Included w/ Final Draft


300 Points


What are your personal or professional goals? What are you passionate about? What are some of the issues present in the field you want to enter? Once you have thought about these questions, you need to take a stance, take action, conduct research, and enter the conversation.

For this assignment you will research, and write an essay on your topic of choice. You will also be required to prepare a presentation of your work for the class. Projects should reflect your knowledge of the chosen topic, and use rhetorical strategies appropriate for a specific intended audience. This project should be presented in a genre that is appropriate to a business or professional audience and reflect that audience’s expectations for formatting, source documentation, graphics, and style.

In order to approach this broad assignment, find a problem, question, or new development to focus on.

For Example:

Problem: Screen time is a growing issue in the US.

  • Oftentimes, a problem-focused research paper will first prove/explain the issue, then give a solution, or mention potential solutions.

Question: What are the ethical implications of replacing workers with robots?

  • A question driven research paper will provide multiple answers to the question, and then give an overall evaluation of the topic.

New Development: Advances in online educational platforms make it easier for people in remote locations to access university level courses.

  • When presenting a new development, explain the potential impacts (both positive and negative) in order to demonstrate why it matters.

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