Recommendation report, with letter of transmittal, workplace (warehouse), 2000 words

Recommendation Report with Letter of Transmittal

Using the same topic as the proposal, write a 2,000-word recommendation report that provides a list of action plans and solutions to your key problem. Write a letter of transmittal (cover letter), and create a PowerPoint file to present your report in summary.

There are two documents required to complete which has two parts:

Part One: Recommendation Report

Keep in mind that all reports are intended to solve problems. A recommendation report tends to be longer than a proposal and must include recommendations that are based on the evidence presented and interpreted in the document. A recommendation report could be prepared in an academic environment as the outcome of research or it could be used on the job by decision-makers as the basis or even justification for decisions that would affect business.

Format for Report: Recommendation reports have a particular structure that you will need to follow:

Title page APA style

Table of contents

Abstract or summary (one short paragraph)

Introduction that provides background and context

Problem statement/question

Three research questions you are investigating

Body or middle section that summarizes your research

Conclusion with recommendations for further action and preferred solutions to the problem

Graphics, visuals, illustrations, and/ or appendices (at least three of these)


Numbered lists or bullets (at least one)

APA style in-text citations

List of around 10 references at the end (APA style)

Part Two: Letter of Transmittal

The letter of transmittal is a cover letter addressed to the intended reader of the report. In this case, the recipient of the letter will be your instructor.

The letter should present the report.

Format for Letter of Transmittal:

Begin with a short paragraph of one or two sentences that set up the context for the attached document.

Next, write a brief paragraph that highlights the main contents of the report.

Then write a brief paragraph acknowledging any others who have assisted you or sources that have been helpful.

Conclude with a request for action such as the opportunity to discuss the recommendations.

Length: your choice (could be short).

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