read the description for the project

For your final project you will be an I/O Consultant preparing to advise the manager or CEO about an issue directly relating to their organization.

You will be researching a specific topic related to I/O Psychology that would be useful and informative to a manager or CEO of a company. You will synthesize your findings from the research literature and present them as if you were advising that manager or CEO on that issue.

First you will find at least four journal articles on your chosen topic and write an annotated bibliography summarizing each article (please see Doc Sharing for directions on writing an annotated bibliography). Finally you will then synthesize your findings in a 3 to 4 page summary paper of what you found, the pros and cons found in the research, and your recommendation to the manager or CEO concerning this issue in their organization.

For example, you could select several articles on workplace violence and write an annotated bibliography of each summarizing their main points in non-research language, including agreements and disagreements on particular findings. Next the summary paper should explain why this particular topic is important to the workplace and how the organization¿s leaders and employees can use the information. Additionally you will make suggestions for this organization based on your research findings. The paper should be presented in a professional way, nicely formatted, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and presented in a clear and structured way.


I must approve the topic. Please post your topic in the topic area in week two or email it to me.

Annotated Bibliography:

This bibliography should include the four research articles you will use for your paper. These articles need to be on the previously approved topic for the research summary.

For each article, you need to provide:

  • The long reference in APA style with hanging indents.
  • A brief (no more than 1 page) summary of each article indented block following the long reference.

The summary should include:

  • The basic premise and research question of the study
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Relevance of the article to your presentation topic
  • How you will use it in your presentation (e.g., recommendations)
  • What problem in I/O psychology or management it addresses

    Presentation with Recommendations (Summary Paper):

    Your paper should be geared at professionals who know something about management and organizations, but do not have in-depth knowledge of research. It should be much more than a summary of your articles (as you did that in the annotated bibliography). Rather, it presents the problem and solutions. Remember, I/O psychology is psychology principles and research applied to the workplace to understand and enhance human motivation and performance.

    You could pretend you are the personnel director of a company and are presenting to a group of managers. Your summary paper should convey the information gained from the research literature in an organized way and should make an argument for your position on this topic and why it is important for managers to learn this information. Before writing your conclusion, make some recommendations for action.

    APA Style: All submissions must be written in APA format. Basically this means that the references must be written in APA style, all assignments written in 11 or 12 point font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins.

    Due Dates:

    • Topic: Sunday Week Two
    • Annotated Bibliography and Summary Paper: Sunday Week Four

    Delivery Methods:

    • Your topics should be posted in the discussion forum titled Project Topic under Week 2 .
    • Your Annotated Bibliography and Summary Paper should be uploaded into the Final Project link in Week Three.
      Final Project Maximum Points
      Annotated Bibliography ¿ provided at least 4 articles with substantial summaries. 40
      Summary/Reaction Paper – minimum of 3 complete pages 50
      Grammar, spelling, proper attribution of sources, and correct APA format 10
      Total 100

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