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Some ideas for organizing your introduction:

  • The first paragraph should recount a story or give an example. It needs to “hook” your readers and get them interested in the problem at hand.
  • The next one to three paragraphs should give an overview of the problem and address some of the following questions:
    • What is the background or history of the problem?
    • What makes this problem important or urgent?
    • How does the problem affect your audience?
    • What will happen if the problem is not addressed?
    • What steps must we take to get there?
    • Specifically, how and why will your proposal work?
    • What are the best reasons to support your proposal?
    • How will the people in your audience benefit from accepting your proposal?
  • At the end of your introduction, you should have a thesis statement. Your thesis statement needs to clearly express the problem and your solution for fixing (or addressing) it.

Demonstrate the Problem Exists:

  • Demonstrate the problem exists by giving examples, statistics, and information from expert outside sources. You will need at least three separate examples of the problem.
    • This section should be between 2 and 4 pages in length

Proposal for Fixing the Problem:

  • What is the solution to the problem? (1 to 3 paragraphs in length)

Conclusion: Your conclusion should appeal to your audience to do something—either take action or come around to your way of thinking on the issue. (1 paragraph)

Research: All topics will require research. You should be looking for expert outside sources that provide a history of the problem, demonstrate the problem exists, and offer a solution to the problem. The most credible sources are ones that have gone through a review process—you can find those sources through the library’s database—look specifically for chapters from books and scholarly journal articles. In addition, you can also search for magazine articles, newspaper articles, and other published sources. As a last resort, you may go to the internet to conduct your research.

The following lists what you will need in your paper:

●Credible outside sources (minimum of 4 sources). Choose from the following list:

Scholarly journal articles

Chapters from books

Magazine or newspaper articles

Government documents

An interview with an expert in the subject

Survey results

Credible web sources



Only one of your sources can be from an encyclopedia

No more than 15% of your paper should be directly quoted from outside sources, so make sure to use summary and paraphrasing techniques. Work on integrating outside sources smoothly into your own sentences by providing a signal-phrase and author tags to introduce the quote. Do not drop quotes into your paper. Remember that whenever you use any information from an outside source, whether it is word for word or it is paraphrased by you, you must give credit to the original source.

Giving credit to the original source:

  • Use a signal phrase (author tag) to introduce the quote or paraphrase (As Susan Smith suggests…).
  • Use quotations marks around any borrowed words (three or more consecutive words from the original source).

3. If you quote, quote exactly.

4. If you paraphrase or summarize, make sure you change the wording significantly. Remember, you still have to cite paraphrased and summarized information.

5. Write a Works Cited Entry for all the sources used in the paper (only cite

sources you actually use in your paper).

Audience: People who are receptive to your proposal, but they have not made-up their minds on the issue. You need to ignore those who are for your proposal and those who are against it. Argue to the people in the middle.

Purpose: To identify a problem, demonstrate it exists, propose a solution, and gain your audience’s support.

Evaluation: You will be evaluated on the following points:

● Whether or not your proposal is convincing

● Full development of all the points outlined in this assignment

●make sure to meet the minimum word requirement

● Well-developed paragraphs with smooth transitions between paragraphs

● Ample and solid evidence from credible outside sources

● Relevant field research, if applicable

● Clear and solid focus and organization

● Effective and appropriate use of persuasion (Ethos, Pathos, & Logos)

● Adherence to MLA guidelines for style and citations, include Works Cited Page

● A final draft that is free from grammatical, stylistic, and mechanical problems

●No plagiarism, either intentional or unintentional

● If you conduct a survey, attach a copy to your final draft

Use complete work cited entries to identify your sources in checking your work. All work cited entries should come from the main work, please used school Library data to discuss your topic.


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