Optical Sensors Lab

Instrumentation and Measurement & Lab – Week #5 Lab 1

Optical Sensors Lab

1.Using Multisim, design a system using the photoconductive cell shown in the figure below to measure and display light intensity. Make the design such that 20 to 100mW/cm2 produces an output of 0.2 to 1.0V. What is the readout error when the intensity is 60mW/cm2? Show all calculations and Multisim results.

2.For the turbidity system show in Figure 2 below, two matched photoconductive cells are used in R vs. IL as given in Figure 3 below. Design a signal-conditioning system that outputs the deviation of the flowing system turbidity in volts and triggers an alarm if the intensity is reduced by 10% from the nominal of 15mW/cm2.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Please follow this link to see the figures better.


Rules for lab submissions:

1.The lab document must be a Word document. PDF files are NOT accepted.

2.All screenshots must be included.

4.Any and all Multisim files must be submitted.

5.Any equations used must be typed in Word. Copy and paste of equations from outside sources is prohibited.

6.No graphics are allowed in the Word document other than screenshots of circuits from Multisim and hardware if applicable, with the date/time stamp.

7.The lab template should be used. Specifically, it is brought to your attention that a summary MUST be provided explaining the results of the labs, the relationship of the results to expected results, and any challenges encountered.

**** The lab template includes:



Briefly describe how you will approach the problem and try to solve the lab, describe and explain any techniques/rules/laws/principles you would use. Outline each step of the process.


Include circuit analysis and all calculations here (if applicable).

*Circuit design

Take a screenshot of the circuit/logic from Multisim/VHDL as asked in the lab assignment before you run the circuit and paste it here in your report.


Run the circuit in Multisim/VHDL and copy/paste the results from the simulation including any readings, plots or graphs.

Copy/Paste the screenshots for all the measurements required in the lab here. Be sure to add a title and explain what each of the screenshots represent.


Analyze the results obtained from Multisim/VHDL and compare those to your calculated results (if applicable). Answer the following questions:

Explain if your simulation is correct or incorrect and why. If the results are confirmed, then your measurements are correct. If they are not confirmed, explain what the problem is. You will need to discuss how to troubleshoot the circuit to achieve the correct results.


Summarize the entire lab in 1 to 2 paragraphs with the results and analysis in mind.

Answer any questions asked in the lab assignment here.

Cite any sources that you may use in your report.

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