NURS 4115 Wk2 Epidemiology in Public and Global Health

Epidemiologic surveillance is used in public and global health. For this Assignment, begin by locating a recent article about an outbreak of an infectious or communicable disease. The article can come from a newspaper or other source but your paper must be supported with at least three scholarly sources of evidence in the literature which may include your text or course readings.

Write a 3- to 4-page paper that includes the following: (APA format AWE level 4000, see rubric)

  • A summary of the article, including the title and author
    • Identify the title of the article with in-text citation and corresponding reference in reference list
  • The relationship among causal agents, susceptible persons, and environmental factors (epidemiological triangle)
  • The role of the nurse in addressing the outbreak
  • Possible health promotion/health protection strategies that could have been implemented by nurses to mitigate the outbreak

-I attached 1 link to a resource provided by instructor

-The paper will be scanned through safe-assign for authenticity


-Provided a fully developed the summary of an article about an outbreak of infectious or communicable disease with insightful analysis of concepts and related issues.

-Provided a fully developed discussion of the relationship between causal agents, susceptible persons and the environmental factors that contributed to the outbreak with insightful analysis of concepts and related issues.

-Provided a fully developed discussion of the leadership role of the public health nurse in the outbreak and 2-3 possible mitigation strategies with insightful analysis of concepts and related issues.

-Demonstrates fully developed sentence, paragraph, and essay level skills. Displays academic expression through fully developed use of evidence from multiple sources to support content. Meets the 4000 AWE level with no writing issues and exceeds the minimum reference requirement.

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