MGT/420 Opportunities and Impacts of Quality Organizations

You have been tasked by the CEO of your company to assess the need for a quality program. (Note: this is a role play, stay in character for this assignment.) To be honest there is a long list of companies like Nike, Amazon, Sony, Google ect.

Choose a company not used in previous weeks of the course. (Note: You may run the company past me for input.)

Write a 2,450- to 3,500-word paper that includes:

  • A brief overview of this company’s product offering (manufacturing or service)
  • A detailed description of why a quality program would benefit the company (if they have nothing in place) or a description of what is in place and what you propose to add to the current program. (Note: this can be filling out the make sure all 3 spheres are present or moving from a quality strategy to quality as a strategy.
  • Explanation of how the Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Market would drive the program. (Note: this is an application explanation and not a definition explanation.)
  • Description of how you would implement this quality program. (Note: this is your plan; who, what, when….. or steps to implement etc.)
  • A list of tools and metrics you would use to ensure success (Note: see reading or ASQ’s A to Z tools etc.)
  • Explanation of how external quality organizations would aid in determining your company’s quality program. Choose an external quality organization you suggest to deliver this benefit.

Note: Make sure you support your paper with course concepts and illustrate your mastery of the concepts with real life examples from your company.

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