Magic theater demographic survey and business plan

We’re going to prepare a long-term magic theater in this area of Toronto and now we need to do a census and a business plan

First, please find out how many people there are in Toronto in 2020 and what the age distribution is like. Then I looked at how many Chinese people were in Toronto, and how many to how many ages. (make sure the 2020 figures are up to date!)

Then there’s the business book. Let’s say you now need a proposal to get potential investors to invest in your project.

0. Project status

(we’re going to do the first magic theater in Toronto, the kind that offers performances every week.)

1. Market overview

What kind of field to enter, how much market space, how fast. Describe the current size of the industry you are entering and how much space there is for the future.

2. What are the needs and pain points of target customers? What are the needs of target customers? What are the problems that need to be solved? Our chances are. What unique insight do we have into the pain points of others — articulations

3. How to solve the pain points and how to meet the needs and create value product/solution description and business model description

4. Competitors — competitors (how many competitors there are and who they are) How to solve our differences/advantages with our opponents

5. Future planning — how to develop in the future and what is the strategy? Including business planning!


In the census section, I need to make an intuitive table so that I can see the population data

All information must be true because I need to use it in three days. Therefore, if my partners find that the information is incomplete, they will directly apply for a refund if they fabricate or lack references, because we have no extra time to make modifications.

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