lymphatic Leukemia

Please read the structure very carefully:

Paper structure: The research paper should reflect investigation into a question of interest to

you and of scientific relevance to the course. I want to see that you can synthesize ideas that are

in the literature. The paper should not be a “regurgitation” of this information but rather should

be focused on a central point. Keep in mind that the more focused your research topic or question

is, the easier it will be to identify relevant information to present in your paper.

Suggested outline:

Title: The title should be clearly stated and carefully reflect the content of the paper

Abstract : Summarizes the paper. The abstract includes an introduction to your central question, why this question is interesting or important, and your main conclusions regarding this question.

Background/Introduction: What is the importance of this topic and why did you choose it

for your research paper? What is the “history” of this issue or idea? How does this fit into the

“big picture”? The background section should address the question: why should we care?

Research question/hypothesis: Describe the essential research question(s) or the central

thesis of your paper and summarize why this is biogeochemically important, and relevant. A

clear statement of your research question or thesis is a key component of a good paper.

Conclusions: Provide your assessment of the state of knowledge in this area. What is known?

What is still unknown? What implications do the results have? How does this knowledge

advance science?

Other Tips:

Use the following format for literature cited (same as that used in many scientific journals,

for example Limnology and Oceanography). Make sure all your references are correct. Use

scientific journals only. No websites are acceptable as citations. Include DOI reference

information for those journals published online.

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