Lab report for system dynamics for an experiment

Follow exactly step by step what in the file , it’s really important to read it very carefully , please focus and follow every little details, never copy from internet , no plagiarism…. and i have attached the plots in the report file under the results section.

For this report please review the “lab report guidelines” document and use the “lab report template”. Both of these documents are on the “Course Documents” tab to the left. Because the code was provided we will be looking to see that you have a clear understanding of what was done. Remember that the lab had two parts, one related to changing the input amplitude and the other changing the input frequency. All information from the pre-report assignment must be included in the report.

The abstract should say what is contained in the report and have a brief quantitative statement of the primary results

The introduction should clearly state all objectives.

The procedure section should clearly explain what was done and have quantitative statements of all measurement parameters like sampling frequency. You must have, and cite from the text, a figure with a block diagram of the experimental setup and the caption should explain the setup. A caption like “Block diagram of system” is not a good caption.

The theory section should explain any and all calculations used to determine the results. In this case explain how the amplitudes where determined in both parts of the lab and how the gain was determined. This section should have equations with all variable defined.

The results section is the most important section. Here you need to explain the results plot that the MATLAB code produced. Please write more in this section. A plot without much explanation is not what we are looking for. One reason is that we provided the code that generates the results plots.

The conclusions section can be short but must be quantitative. State all results in a specific and quantitative way. Explain any implications from these results.

Throughout the report remember to:

1) Be quantitative and specific everywhere in the report. If, while proofreading, you find a vague or general sentence, delete it.

2) Never have yourself or any person as the subject of a sentence. You are writing about the amplifier.

3) All figures have captions that are explanations not titles and are cited from the body of the text.

4) Only use MATLAB plots have been saved using the “print” command.

5) Be sure that the results match the objectives

6) Write in past tense. You have completed the experiment and you are writing about what you did.

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