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Basic Nutrition Discussion Post Assignment Guide

Overview: A discussion post is a multi-paragraph written assignment. Each paragraph has a purpose.

1. The first paragraph summarizes the video.

2. The second paragraph connects the learning from the video to the chapter reading.

3. The third paragraph applies knowledge from the video/chapter to an individual’s health in Oklahoma, or to people in general.

4. The fourth paragraph asks a question that encourages open discussion, and references learning from the chapter, PowerPoints, and/or the video

5. The last part of the post is a full APA citation for the textbook, video and any other sources used.

Writing Helps: A guide of helpful tips gives detailed instructions for writing success. Please read as specific slides are referenced for writing expectations.

“Writing Tips for Dr. Tessman’s Courses” (WT4DTC) at:

Purpose: Video assignments create opportunities to solidify existing learning through testimonials, or research based information which is set in an easy to understand format. Through the combination of the textbook and video supplements, the goal of these learning artifacts is to increase student retention of content.

Technology Accessibility: To complete this assignment, students will need access to the internet and a computer, smartphone, or tablet with screen in which to view the videos. Video links will be posted on Blackboard and can be logged into through individual MyECU accounts. The ECU Help Desk is available in Danley Hall, Room 102 and can be contacted at 580-559-5884 for technical assistance.

Assignment Guidelines:

A complete LAAVA includes the following (worth a total of 30 points): Post in the discussion board on BlackBoard.

1.Summarize the video– Specific steps for writing a summary are addressed on slide 6 of WT4DTC. Paragraph writing helps are on slides 25-26, APA citations on slides 7-16, and academic writing on slides 17-21 of WT4DTC.

    1. In a paragraph, state the main concepts from the video in detail. For example: In the movie, Weight of the Nation, part 1, the statistics for adult obesity discuss the prevalence of overweight and obese individuals in the U.S. increasing dramatically over the past 30 years. Adult obesity has doubled, and childhood obesity has tripled. During the same time, consumption of sweetened beverages has also increased. These beverages are considered empty calories because of their low nutritional density and high sugar content. Even more concerning is the fact that Oklahoma is one of the states with the fastest growing obesity populations.

2. Connect the learning from the video to the text.

a. Example: Chapter 4 discusses carbohydrates. While I knew that carbohydrates contained 4 calories/gram, I was not aware of the different kinds of carbohydrates. Monosaccharides are simple sugars (glucose, fructose, & galactose) and polysaccharides are complex sugars (sucrose, lactose, & maltose). (Thompson & Manore, 2016). If you quote, paraphrase, or summarize information from a source, use APA 6th edition citation guidelines to give credit to this source. APA citation help is on slides 7-16 of WT4DTC.

3. In what way does this new knowledge apply to an individual’s health?

a. Example: Monosaccharides and polysaccharides are important to individuals as the increase in sugar in the American diet influences the preference for sweet flavors in the American palate. The result of this added sugar has been an increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes. Sweet tea and Dr. Pepper are beverages of choice by many individuals in Oklahoma and this quantity of added sugar on a daily basis is concerning for their long-term health. Be sure to use formal academic writing explained on slides 17-21 of WT4DTC

4. Create a question that will continue discussion around your learning, or other topic of learning from the video/chapter.

a. Example: The film not only illuminates the sugar density of sodas, but also juices, sports and energy drinks. In a country where the drive through fast food industry is so prevalent, how might one class of students make a difference to decrease the sugary drink consumption of so many people?

5. Respond to two other student questions within 48 hours. For this portion of the assignment, answer the question posed by another student, comment (in paragraph format) on their learning (and how it deepens your learning), or expand on how their learning connects to the text. Paragraph writing helps are on slides 25-26 of WT4DTC.

a. Outstanding comments answer the question in paragraph format, but also refer back to the information from the video and/or the text reading to support individual ideas (with an APA in-text citation). This helps demonstrate understanding of the readings and the videos and illustrates mastery of the material before moving to the next chapter.

b.Rules for posts:

c.Be grammatically correct. Use capitalization, punctuation, and academic language. Students are encouraged to install onto their devices to help catch spelling and other grammar errors.

d.Answer with an informed opinion, and provide more than an “I agree”, or “I disagree”. In other words, support ideas with a paraphrase from the text or video and then cite in APA style.

e.Be respectful of everyone. You may disagree with someone, but it must be done in a respectful way. If you believe someone has misunderstood a point in the video or from the text, please provide a full APA citation for where you found information that contrasts with their idea or understanding. For example: “While I understand that some people eat hamburgers every day and seemingly never have any negative health issues, the American Heart Association (2017) recommends only 5-6% of our diet comes from saturated fats such as animal proteins. Since some of the cholesterol that might be collecting within the arteries from those saturated fats is unseen, we have a difficult time knowing the true level of influence that hamburger consumption may be having on a person’s diet.” (Next is the citation) The skinny on fats. (2017, April). Retrieved July 19, 2017, from

6. Quality of Writing and Proofreading. Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Formal academic writing style is used. APA in-text citations are included in the paragraphs and a full citation is included at the bottom of the post. Formal academic writing explained on slides 17-21, APA citations on slides 7-16 of WT4DTC

When doing the assignments in class, view the rubric while writing to make sure that you receive all points possible. I want you to do well, so follow the assignment directions and check the rubrics to see how assignments will be graded. Slides 1-5 of WT4DTC address reading directions and how to do written work to obtain the greatest amount of points.

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