Jumping in essay

For this next assignment I want you to try your hand at writing from a different perspective. But not alone: I want you to jump into a significant object in your life, a photograph, painting, and shift some of the literary elements around. The “shift options” include working with time, character, symbols(objects), or point of view. The paper needs to be 750-850 words, double-spaced, paragraphed, originally-titled, MLA format, visually and stylistically engaging (show don’t tell), grammatically clean, original and focused. There is no frame for the story; you “jump in” in 1st person point of view—you are the character, the object, etc. Use Its person pronouns— “I,” “me,” “my”! You decide where to start the story.

Character: A couple of options concerning character include the following: tell part of the story from the point of view of an undeveloped character. Create a new character that will give a different perspective on an existing character.

Symbols/objects: You could tell part of a story through the eyes of a pivotal symbol/object. Think about what the object symbolizes: what is its story? How does it “work” in the story, poem, film?

Point of view: By using a minor character’s point of view, you can reveal a new perspective on the same plot line. Also, by coming from an object’s point of view, you can show an “if the walls could talk” perspective.

This assignment will require you to use your vivid imagination by immersing yourself in the literature, , piece of art, etc.—in other words, reread/look at the piece you are interested in using and take notes.

Your revision of the piece should demonstrate that you understand the piece completely.

the files attached are examples of jumping in essay.

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