ISTE Nearpod Lesson Plan Development

Task 1: Forum Discussion

  1. Did you know about the ISTE standards discussed in this unit? If yes, when and in what context was it presented to you? If no, what are your initial reactions after watching the videos and reading the blogs? (25 Points)
  2. Have you heard about the common core standards (here is the link to it – ? How do you think ISTE support and complements the common core standards? You can provide specific examples from a grade level and/or subject matter. Do you see any barriers to implementing ISTE standards in your classroom practice? How do you plan to address the obstacles? (25 Points)
  3. Using the Internet, find 2-3 web resources and post here that can help you to further your understanding of the ISTE standards and its application in your classroom teachings. These resources could include videos, articles, blogs, or Web pages to list a few examples. (25 Points)
  4. How do you plan to integrate ISTE standards in your teachings, provide some initial thoughts if you don’t yet have a concrete plan? If possible, select a topic or activity to walk us through your idea of integrating ISTE standards? (25 Points)

Respond to each prompt in no less than one paragraph (3-4 sentences) and not more than two paragraphs.

Task 2: Nearpod/ Google Slide Lesson

Now that you have learnt about the seven ISTE standards, it is time to create a lesson using the NearPod tool and basing it on at least one or more ISTE standards of your choosing.

To begin working on this assignment,

  1. Select a topic for the lesson.
  2. Consider an ISTE standard(s) that will be a good fit for the topic that you have selected.
  3. Begin outlining your lesson in Google Slides. Although NearPod is a standalone program, the best practice is to design a lesson on Google Slides and then use NearPod as an addon from within the slides.
  4. NearPod allows integration of a variety of tools to allow students’ interactivity such as collaborate, field trip, or NearPod 3D, etc. For this assignment, you will integrate at least five of them. You may integrate more but five is required.
  5. Once you are done designing your NearPod lesson, save and use the “link” option to submit here. Include links to Google Slides and NearPod Lesson.
  6. Also, include a brief overview of the topic and the ISTE standard selected. Provide an explanation in 3-4 sentences on why you think the ISTE standard(s) is a good fit for the lesson.

Video Resource:

Standard 1:

Standard 2:

Standard 3:

Standard 4:

Standard 5:

Standard 6:

Standard 7:

How to use nearpod:

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