Informative speech


This is your opportunity to overcome some of your fears and improve your speaking skills! That’s right it is that time of the semester… Informative Speech time! You should be excited about the prospect of giving a public speech.

This is your opportunity to:

1)Educate the class about a topic that you find intriguing (I suggest a current event you find interesting, a particular culture, or informing us about some other phenomena).

2)Overcome some of your communication apprehension.

3)Learn how to prepare a speech.

4)Receive constructive feedback, in a warm, supportive, and non-threatening environment.

5)Learn how to speak better!

Here is what you need to do:

You get to choose your topic!

Your speech will be 5 – 7 minutes long ONLY.

You will supplement your speech with 5references other than your textbook (journal articles, newspapers, books, magazines…etc…) that you will cite while you are speaking.

You will turn in a 2 – 3 page, typed , outline of your speech, with a reference page formatted in APA style (NOT MLA!). If you need information on how to use APA, check the library, bookstore, or the internet.

Your speech and typed outline, with a references page is worth a total of 125 points.

Here is what you will evaluated on:

Introduction and overview of your topic

Preview of the sub-topics to be discussed (a minimum of 2 is required)

Transitions between sub-topics

Explanation of each sub-topic

Supporting examples that illustrate each sub-topic

A brief review of your topic and sub-topics

A concluding statement regarding the information’s usefulness and/or importance

The required typed outline

Your reference page

The delivery of your presentation (including time)cuy

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