I need the questions to be answered separately

Here are The questions I need answers for :

B. Explain why land, culture, and history are important to American Indian identity. Provide at least two examples (one must be from a class reading). (15 points)

C. Explain the genesis of the term “Indian” and how it has contributed to the persistence of stereotypes of Indigenous people today.Provide at least two examples in your explanation. (20 points)

Essay Question (5-6 paragraphs): 40 points

E. Explain the Marshall Trilogy and how it is foundational to Federal Indian Policy. Briefly explain all three-court cases with dates and how they have impacted the relationship between the U.S. Federal government, States, and Federally Recognized Tribes.

Here I have the concepts:


Be able to discuss the historical conception of the term Indian with other terms/imagesthat were used by colonizers to identify Indigenous peoples. Berkhofer’s “The White Man’s Indian” and Class Presentation, “Whats in a name? “

Know the 3 underlying assumptions by the US Government of Indian policy?

Be familiar with the Timeline from the AIS History Presentation and be able to briefly explain the time periods of “Treaty Making Era, Removal Era, Allotment Era”, and the “Reservation Era”.

Know how many federally recognized tribes in the US? How many in Arizona?

Peoplehood: Be able to identify and describe the four concepts that make up Peoplehood?

History and Conflict- Describe how telling the history of the American Indian Experience has been traditionally misrepresented, provide examples from information presented in class.

Be able to briefly explain what the Marshall trilogy is and how it impacted Indigenous tribes’ relationship with the state and federal government. (Johnson v. M’Intosh, 1823; Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, 1831, Worcester v. Georgia, 1832)

Be able to identify and explain sovereign rights American Indian tribes possess in contemporary society.

Also, I have uploaded 2 files to help, Please ask me if you have any questions!

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