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The assignment is consist of 10 multiple choice but you have 20min to do it. The assignment must be taken on Lockdown Browser. I will provide materials for you to prepare yourself, the chapters you must read which is chapter 4 and the book and also watch the lecture videos that I will provide which is called “Watch instructor’s recorded lecture (Radiopharmacy by Professor Beloin, uploaded below)”. The assignment will start on 11:00am est on Tuesday July 13th. so you would have to be up the ssamesame time as me. **** PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER WAY FOR ME TO CONTACT YOU BESIDES ON STUDYPOOL OR EDUCATION PURPOSES******

. Please before accepting please read the whole ” Before Coming to class”. I really need this to be a good grade.


    Before coming to class …Upon successful completion of this folder, you should be able to:

    1. Describe the contruction and operating principles of gas-filled detectors, including ionization chambers, Geiger-Mueller detectors, and dose calibrators.
    2. Describe quality control procedures required for survey instruments and dose calibrator.
    3. Explain the basic operation of scintillation detectors and photomultiplier tubes.
    4. Diagram the design of an Anger scintillation camera system and explain the function of each component.
    5. Diagram and discuss the properties of various camera collimators.
    6. Explain image formation of the scintillation camera.
    7. List and discuss quality control procedures required for the scintillation camera system.
    8. Describe the basic mechanisms for radionuclide production in a reactor.
    9. Describe the fundamentals of particle accelerator operation and the production of radionuclides using particle accelerators.
    10. Diagram dry column molybdenum-technetium generators, and explain the elution process.
    11. Describe the basic chemical properties of the pertechnetate ion.
    12. Explain the technetium labeling process used by reduction methods, specifically in regard to Tc-99m MDP.
    13. Describe the differences between qulity control relative to radionuclide purity, radiochemical purity, and chemical impurities.

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