Guest speaker discussion

After the talk, please respond to these prompts(if she doesn’t mention it, ask!):

1. What is Ms. Early’s position, and, more importantly, what does that mean she does day-to-day. Who does she report to?

2. Relate Ms. Early’s background – what is her training and experience?

3. What is the toughest issue facing parks and recreation – if she doesn’t say, ask.

4. Two other items that caught your interest from the talk

5. You’ve looked at your strengths and weaknesses, do you think you would like this position in local government? Why or why not, use two examples.

Within five days, compare and contrast what you observed with another student’s observations. Be specific in the comparison.

While length is not critical, thoughtfulness about your responses is important. You must post before seeing other responses. Those who enter the discussion without posting their thoughts will receive a zero on the assignment.

Here are my notes, generate a disscussion off these notes thank you.

Lisa Early – Director of Orlando family parks & recreation as well as of children & education. She oversees parks, recreation centers, trees and manages 1,156 staff to which work with over 6,000 kids. They staff summer camps, pools, baseball fields, etc. Bachelors in Human Development & family studies
Diverse experience – 10yrs in the Dominican Republic working for a founation titled “Save the children” to where people can adopt a child and she would write the stories about the child. 3yrs at Unicef in expanding access to pre-school settings between the borders of D.R. and Haiti. After, she came back to the states where she did 5yrs state dept in U.S. foreign aid program to aid in eradicating mosquitos, building water wells, and ensuring immunizations were current. she moved to Arnold Palmer hospital in Orlando where she continued to work with children. She assisted in programs that dealt with transmission of the HIV to babies from mothers that were HIV positive, child abouse cases, and observed child development to ensure children were developing as normal. After all this she got into parks & recreation.
Toughest issue is ensuring the communit needs are met from investing funds to provide them what they need, also, trying to obtain the resources (i.e. money) from the state to be able to invest into parks and/or recreation centers, etc.

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