global strategic management

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I choose “Kain Batik” to be part of my start-up company. Basically, what comes in my mind is how it could enter into a new international market. Thus today i would love to share my point of view bout my future plan/strategy.

In first quadrant: I put – increasing customer acquisition/base. Cause i may find that “kain batik” itself has saturated its domestic market and therefore it should be increase in customers in many ways. Maybe using the 4P Sales Methodology.

next is where as u can see in my second quadrant is where i believe i need to increase usage. I really needs to educate malaysian/customers on this “Kain Batik” usage/what they can do with that “kain batik” since they are already very familiar with it.

Next step is maybe i can introduce new product from “kain batik” itself- maybe inovate it to Tudung???tudung saji? alas meja

Sell to current customers products that they are not currently using by upgrading, up-selling, and cross-selling new product

last but not least enter a new market. my plan is where i likely to maximize revenues at the lowest cost as possible. thereby, i need to maximize my net income. we all know that if we really want to sell our product we have to tailor them to our customer’s preference. bare in our minds what we tend to forget is that is just as true regarding how we market and sell our products. we must tailor our sell and marketing/strategy according to how customers want to buy. sometimes the right startegy in just to automate and make it simple for customers to order whenever they want in terms of to be in a global market. i believe in a matter what of to fufill the 4 quadrant i mention earlier, case study, demography and references are all neceesary part of reassuring as sceptical buyers that won’t regret the purchase order.

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scenario planning, is making assumption on what the future is what going to be and how my business environrenment will change overtime in light of that future. taking Schwartz scenarios as my planning is i want to identifying a specific set of uncertainties, different “realities” of what might happen in the future in my business. It sound simple, and possibly not worth the trouble of specific effort , however, building this set of assumptions is probably the best thing i can ever do to help guide my “Kain Batik” company in a long term. this plannig might not have dire consequences to my business, but if not done, i take a risk opening the door to increased cost, increased risks and could missed the opportunities come.

to begin with, i should take into consideration what im preferred the most or what are going to be shifts in society, economics, technology and politics in the future and see how it will affect my company.

i seen many industries has been shift from industry driven economy to the knowledge base economy, which has led to steep increase of environmental uncertainty and complexity. consequently, exploring new business field, (kain batik inovation) has become increasingly challenging and sure strategy formation and prospective innovation management are needed.

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taking profiling future scenario as my model for my kain batik business cause it is focusing on accurately predicting the future/ produce possible future that are credible. this scenario future are then conjunctively use to develop a better plan and prepare for an uncertain future.

first, preferred scenario engages in mapping economic growth seamless system and interdependence where we could define what we want in the future. disowned scenario is about economic decline, antagonistic system an independence which designated as “the world that we reject or unable to negotiate

based on this, please elaborate more on this speech (explanation) and use this schwartz’s scenario model to explain “kain batik” business startup for this pitching. please also on the 3rd slides, put the right words for the explanation.

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