Module 3 Assignment


involves the question of how government should be divided, and more
specifically, when there is a conflict who should get to decide the
outcome (National government or state or local governments). Please
choose an issue that is a federalism issue (e.g. legalization of
marijuana, sanctuary cities, educational standards, etc.) and respond to
the following.

  1. Explain
    fully the issue you’ve chosen (you can pick from the list above or come
    up with your own- there are a lot). Do not simply state what issue
    you’re looking at, explain the controversy to me with data (e.g. if
    you’re looking at marijuana you should include background about states
    that have passed laws legalizing it and what the response of the Justice
    Department has been over time and what it is currently).
  2. How does this issue represent a challenge to federalism (i.e. what is the federalism issue)?
  3. What are the arguments of the state/local governments (why should they get to decide this issue)?
  4. What are the arguments of the federal government (why should it get to decide this issue)?

This assignment is about federalism, not the underlying issues the
parties are disagreeing about. So if you write a paper about
legalization of marijuana for example, the focus of your paper should be
about who gets to decide this issue, state governments or the federal
government. Dealing with the pros and cons of legalization of marijuana
would be appropriate in explaining the positions of the state
governments and the federal government but that is just one section of
this assignment.

#2: Don’t let your biases influence this assignment. Both state and
federal governments generally have good arguments for why they prefer to
make decisions in a particular area. So, for example, even if you’re a
hardline anti-immigration policy person, you need to explore why states
and local governments may have chosen to be sanctuary cities (what are
their arguments for doing so (e.g. what are the costs and burdens of
complying with ICE?).

will have to do research for this project, please be sure to cite your
research at the conclusion of your paper in APA format.

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