evaluating the effectiveness of Malcolm’s X leadership style both the good and bad using 4-5 of the topics listed below. One of the topics has to be diversity.

Each student will write a leadership
paper. We do not want a biography of his or her life. Rather, this should be an analysis of the leader
effectiveness both the good and bad using what you found based on your own research
of that individual’s behavior.

The leader I have is Malcolm X.

For this paper you will Evaluate the effectiveness of Malcolm’s leadership style both the good and bad using 4-5 topics listed below you get to pick the topics that I listed.

*Mandatory* One of the topics has to be how Malcolm used and handled diversity and how it impacted his leadership style both the good and bad. Make sure to write about Malcoms use and view of diversity when he was in the Nation of Islam and when he left the Nation, because they are polar opposites.

My professor broke diversity into two subcategories. they are. 1.Handing equality/equity and 2. business reasons. To make it easier I think its better to focus on how Malcolm handled equality and equity. and how it made him a better or worse leader.

The TOPIC LIST is listed below please select 3-4(including diversity as a topic already) of these topics to evaluate how it effected Malcolm X’s leadership style both the good and bad.

1. Autocratic

2. Democratic

3. Laisser-Faire

4. Emotional Intelligence

5. verbal and non-verbal Communication

6. Situational Leadership

7. behavioral Leadership

8. Handling crisis

9. Trust

10. traits

11. Motivation

12. Influence

13. Followership

14. Engagement

15. Power

16. Transformational

17. Transactional

18. Charismatic

19. Courage

20. Ethical issues

please remember the professor does not want an autobiography of Malcolm X. So please keep the introduction to who Malcolm is to 2-3 paragraphs.

for this paper you need to find 4-5 sources to support your paper.

the paper has to be 5-6 full pages. you can have the 6th page or the 7th page as your work cited. but the paper itself needs to be 5 full pages or 6 full pages nothing more.

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