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This assignment requires that you interview a family with a with a young child and develop a profile of the family.

To prepare for this interview:

  • Select a family with a child between the ages of birth and eight. This family can be a friend, relative ( outside your immediate family), neighbor, or a a family in your early childhood classroom program. Try to select a family as different as possible from your own.
  • Review and print the interview Questions from the“Family Profile Form”
  • Arrange a time to interview the family. Your interview is likely to last approximately one hour.

During the Interview:

  • Be sure to let the family know that you are completing this interview as part of an assignment for your ECE 11 Child, Family, and Community course, and that the purpose of this assignment is to support your mastery of course materials.
  • Let parents share anything about their family and culture that they feel is pertinent even if it is not specifically mentioned in the interview questions.

After the Interview, prepare your Family Profile
• Using the interview questions as a guide, describe the family.

• Select one of the theories (bio-ecological, sociocultural, or family systems) presented in your textbook.

  • How would you use this theory to explain the family’s functioning at the present time? Provide examples of how the theory you selected helps you understand this family overall. Be sure to integrate course materials into your response.
  • What risk factors or strengths do you feel the family has? Be sure to consider family
    support and resiliency.
  • Turn in the completed profile form and your accompanying narrative addressing the
    above items by the due date

Family Profile Form

Family Members Names (please use first names only):

Ages of children:

Interview Questions

What kinds of cultural practices are important to your family?

What is your family’s ethnicity? Race?

What languages are spoken in your home?

What kind of pressures are you facing in the current economic climate?

(Please use this question if there is more than one child in the family).

How do the siblings get along?

Describe your transition to parenting.

What do you see as your family strengths?

What kinds of things support you in your role as a parent? For example, extended family, childcare arrangements, and friendships?

What do you find most stressful about being a parent?

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