Discussion Board Question to Hazard Vulnerability Analysis!

The course is HealthCare Emergency Management;


You have read about and actually written HVAs – or more currently “THIRAs” – in other classes. Let’s spend the week really going into detail about how such an analysis impacts the hospital.

Weekly Objectives:

Demonstrate how a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis is completed by completing a HVA for their individual home/business.

Describe how a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis is used in developing an emergency management program.

Examine different HVA tools. Many hospitals use the Kaiser Permanente tool, but it does have drawbacks.

Assess the KP tool and discuss. Refer to: Copy of kaiser_model(1).xls

The Question;

Based on your readings and experience, comment on the effectiveness of HVA’s (Hazard Vulnerability Analysis). Are they too subjective? How would you approach developing an HVA? Develop an HVA for a hospital in your community. Provide details on the hospital (bed numbers, location, etc.). List the top 5 hazards. Defend your answers.

let me know if you up for the assignment!

The Readings;

Week 9 – Readings

Campbell, P., Trockman, S. J., & Walker, A. R. (2011). Strengthening Hazard Vulnerability Analysis: Results Of Recent Research In Maine. Public Health Reports, 126(2), 290–293.

• Strengthening Hazard Vulnerability Analysis.pdf

Fares, S., Femino, M., Sayah, A., Weiner, D. L., Yim, E. S., Douthwright, S., & … Ciottone, G. (2014). Health care system hazard vulnerability analysis: an assessment of all public hospitals in Abu Dhabi. Disasters, 38(2), 420-433. doi:10.1111/disa.12047

• Health care system hazard vulnerability.pdf


every week there will be 1-2 questions that must be answered by each student. The answers should be at least 3 substantive paragraphs, well developed, referenced, and properly formatted. “Substantive” means that the writer has added to the dialogue with referenced facts or pertinent personal experience leading to a reasoned argument that advances the scholarly discussion. Learning to efficiently locate and properly reference the literature is a key component of any master’s level course. Discussion question answers must include at least one reference that is not from the assigned reading.

Remember to think of your audience as people that have no knowledge of this field so please write accordingly.

I won’t tolerate any Negligence!

Please don’t come around if you don’t know nothing about HVA, HealthCare Emergency Management, Hospitals Emergency Management!

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