Discussion 6

This is a 2 part assignment. The 1st part is to read the material and then write the initial discussion post, minimum of 200 words. The 2nd part is to write a minimum of 100 words reply reply to 3 classmates posts. Once the initial post is completed I will post here 3 other classmates posts for you to write a short reply to.

Reading Material: Chapters 15. I am attaching a screenshot photo if the book. If you do not have access to it then let me know.


Discussion Assignment: In this discussion, students will demonstrate an understanding of the juvenile and adult justice systems, the juvenile justice process, and juvenile dispositions. Step 1: Review the “Viewpoint” reading at the end of Chapter 15 in your textbook.

  • Review the Module 6 readings and Learning Unit 6Links to an external site..
    • Identify and discuss two specific similarities between the juvenile and adult justice systems.
    • Identify and discuss two specific differences between the juvenile and adult justice systems.
  • Consider what you learned in the Module 6 readings on the juvenile justice process.
    • Identify and discuss one pro of transferring juveniles to adult court.
    • Identify and discuss one con of transferring juveniles to adult court.
  • Consider the Module 6 textbook and learning unit readings on juvenile dispositions and the concepts and implications associated with these dispositions. Assuming John stays in the juvenile justice system:
    • Identify and discuss one juvenile treatment option discussed in the module readings that could be utilized in John’s case.
    • Identify and discuss one juvenile punishment option discussed in the module readings that could be utilized in John’s case. Can 14-year-olds truly understand the seriousness and consequences of their behavior? Why or why not?
  • Do you think a juvenile court judge should consider the victim in making a disposition decision? Why or why not?
  • After considering John’s case and your responses to the previous questions in this discussion:
    • Make a specific recommendation on John’s case, including whether you would transfer John or keep him in the juvenile justice system.
    • Be sure to weigh and discuss the individualized need for treatment and the need to protect the public, as well as any other relevant factors you considered when making your decision.

In your three responses to your classmates, consider addressing the discussion questions they presented, using facts and evidence from the module materials to support your discussion. You might also review their responses to the other discussion topics. Did these responses adequately and accurately address the topics? Did the responses mention something or consider something you had not thought of? Did you have a different perspective on a topic that you would like to share?

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