Discussion 1 and 2

Discussion 1

Read How a Group Becomes a Team? The Stages of Team Development. (2011). BC Coach’s Perspective, 6-8. (Found in Ebscohost).

Imagine that you are a leader of a new team and are at your first team meeting. Your team is highly qualified and selected specifically for their roles. After reading the article and anticipating the stages your team will go through, consider what issues you will address.

  • Describe your primary role as the team leader.
  • What are the most important things you would want to discuss initially with team members?
  • Based on your analysis of the stages of group process what are some of the group dynamics you should anticipate?

Discussion 2

Levi and Slem (1995) are psychologists who examined teamwork in high-tech companies. They studied factory production teams and engineering research and development teams to determine factors related to team success. These are the factors they found necessary for the successful development of teams:

  1. Evaluation and rewards. Teams need fair and objective criteria for evaluation, team member performance evaluations should relate to their team contributions, and members should be rewarded when their teams are successful.
  2. Social relations. Teams need training in social skills so they can resolve internal conflicts and function smoothly.
  3. Organizational support. Management, the organizational system, and the organizational culture must support the use of teams.
  4. Task characteristics. Teams need clear direction and goals, tasks that are appropriate for teamwork, and work that is challenging and important.
  5. Leadership. Leaders need to facilitate team interactions and provide assistance to teams when problems occur.

Think about a team that you were a member of that was particularly high performing. What specifically did the team leader do to facilitate positive team actions and behaviors? Describe how synergy was demonstrated on the team and what it looked like.

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