Data Visualization

For this assignment, your assignment objective is completely different. You are not creating or writing a planning document. You must use the objective and data in the instructions for the assessment. I highly encourage you to work through the information provided in R and RStudio, Units 1 – 5 before working on this project.

You are responsible for submitting 2 items: a paper and an R script file.


  • Your figures will not contain any other part of RStudio. Do not include images of programming code, nor programming code in your paper. That information is only needed in the R script you submit. This is not a ‘how-to’ in R.
  • When you document your work in your paper, provide an interpretation of every figure in your paper. Label every figure with the word “Figure” and a numeric index, like Figure 1, followed by Figure 2. Keep your figures left-align. When you provide your interpretations, make sure to include what figure you are referring to. For example, “Shown in Figure 1, there is” or your interpretation, followed by “(see Figure 1).” When documented this way, it’s similar to the formatting of a citation, within the confines of parentheses, and within the ending punctuation. The figure annotation is in bold letters. the following line is the title of the figure; it is in italics and not bolded. These both will be entered as text in your paper, not included with the visualization in R.
  • All figures in the paper must be key findings. There should be many more visualizations in the programming than there are in the paper.
  • When providing your interpretations use real words. Don’t use the capitalization shown in the variable names, nor the variables names, unless it is also a word. For example, population represents both a real word and a variable. However, median_household_income is not a word, it is only a variable name and should not be found in your paper. You can refer to the data in this field with the words median household income, without the underscore, or you could define that income represents median household income than just refer to it as income.

Script file

  • This file should contain everything needed to run the file. If there were steps taken from the original data set and it was modified in the previous homework submission, include that programming code in this script file. All libraries should still be found in one place, near the top of the script file, after the leading comments required in every script file.
  • The programming should include the questions you posed to yourself that led your visualizations in the comments.
  • You will more visualizations in your programming than in your paper. If you find that a visualization of data is not meaningful, you can annotate that in comments in your programming, but don’t include that visualization in your paper.
  • Don’t leave incomplete programming code in your script file.
  • You may receive a warning when you submit your work. This warning indicates that R script files are not checked by SafeAssign. It does not prevent you from submitting.

Consider the guidelines, suggestions, and other tips provided in previous assignments. All of that still applies here. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

When you document this information, you will need to write it as a paper. This is not a blog, a discussion, or a short answer paper. You will need to include an introduction, a topic sentence, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Not great at writing? Go to Start Here in the main menu and look at the resources available to you. Make sure that you document your work using the standards of APA 7. To help with formatting using the APA 7 Student Paper template. APA 7 Student Paper template. – Alternative Formats When you submit your work, you must submit both a paper and an R script file.

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