Cultural Interview Project

Culture Interview Project: Interview someone from another culture to discover how

they view the healthcare experience in the United States (San Diego if possible).
Incorporate earlier topics from the course such as Physical Therapy, Collaboration of
healthcare partners, Cultural Competency of providers (including office staff, billing,etc). Please use the 9 interview questions below. If you want to add another question

related to a module in the course please message the instructor through Canvas.
Interview questions:
1) What is your family history/home of origin?
2) What are some of your family customs?
3) What are some roles of members within your family? What is your role within
your family?
4) How closely so you identify with and affiliate with your culture?
5) Describe your cultures concept of health. What are some customary health
practices or beliefs?
6) Do particular family members influence healthcare decisions?
7) Have you or a family member received services by a healthcare practitioner
that did not follow cultural customs?
8) Have you or a family member received physical therapy? If so, how did the
practitioners include your culture into the treatment? If they did not, what could
they have done different to make the treatment more effective?
9) Do you feel your culture is well represented in healthcare? Physical therapy?
Other leadership positions within a healthcare setting? How does that influence
your treatment?
Reflection: After you complete your interview, write a 1-2 page journal. Reread prior to
submission for organization, style, and grammar. Your post needs to include your
questions and answers and your 1-2 page journal reflection (the questions and answers do
not count toward the 1-2 pages of your journal reflection).
Grading Rubric – For full points you must include:
All 9 questions and answers from the interview – 10 points
1-2 page reflection on the experience – 10 points
Correct spelling and grammar – 5 points

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