Creativity Inc Book-Chapter 6

Read book Creativity Inc book chapter 6 and write a paper with 1.5 pages (No longer than 2 pages) with front Time New Roman size 12, double space. Follow my professor instruction below:

“Pixar seems one of the few companies that consistently delivers fresh creativity. At the beginning of your paper, list one or more core competences that you believe Pixar has.

Next, identify some resources, actions and policies in chapter 6 that you think were particularly significant in creating and supporting these core competences and producing successes. You should then choose one of these resources, actions, or policies, identify a chapter where it is discussed, and write a paragraph explaining why you think this resource, action, or policy was important.

(My Professor teaches in class that chapter 6 has:

Core Competences: When they brought in a group of strangers, it didn’t come together.

Strategic Ideas (actions): Mistakes are irritable consequence of doing something new.

Resources; Fearless culture, Mentoring program, Open to failure cultures.)

Finally, you write a discussion of whether the behaviors you have discussed would be important in industries where creativity is less central (such as furniture retailing). If you believe that such creativity-producing behavior is important such companies, discuss one way in which it could help IKEA or another firm you are familiar with. If you believe such creativity-oriented behavior is not important to such companies, discuss what you believe is important to companies like IKEA etc., that is not so central to Pixar. Remember, this class is Strategic Management class, you should apply your study into your paper as well.”

I will give you book pdf below. Please read and write papers carefully because my professor is a hard-grader. If you use sources, please write down it into paper. Thank you

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