Convert a questions to a multiple choice survey

convert the following questions to a multiple choice survey.

all questions must have valid choices (no incorrect, False or misleading choices.)

questions may be reworded as long as the question still maintains its specific line of questioning (in other words it may be reworded to fit a multiple choice format.)

the number of choices must validate between 2 to 4

a minimum of 4 yes or No’s may be used

a minimum of 2 true or false may be used

Survey Questions

1.Can shadow banking be considered a way of evading regulations in the regulated financial system?

2.Identify the economic benefits derived from the operations of the shadow banking system?

3.Compare and contrast the shadow banking system to their formal financial system counterparts?

4.Identify several imperfections in the financial industry that have been caused by shadow banking?

5.When does a shadow banking operation exist within the regulated system?

6.How would you compare the interest rates by the shadow system to those in the regulated systems?

7.What are the similarities in the matrices and models used in both the financial markets?

8.What are the depository reserves like in the shadow systems?

9.Identify the attempts that have been made to regulate the shadow financial systems?

10.How do you think spillover reduction could hamper the operations of the shadow financial systems?

11.What are the risks associated with shadow banking?

12.What is the relationship between cost of capital and shadow banking operations in a country?

13.How do you think shadow banking can increase the risk of another global financial crisis?

14.Justify the statement that shadow banking is one of the fears stalking the global banking industry?

15.What is the role of the mainstream banking system in the development of the shadow system?

16.What comes into your mind when one talks about the sustainability of the shadow banking system?

17.What aspects of regulations do the Home mortgages as a form of shadow bank fails to comply with?

18.The economy does not prosper with shadow systems, justify the statement.

19.How does the shadow banking provide direct employment to the locals?

20.How does the economy prevail even with the imperfections caused by shadow financial systems?

21.Identify ways through which the authorities can engage the shadow financial systems?

22.There is a great economic benefit with the influx of shadow systems, how true is this statement?

23.Which government agency should be watching the shadow banks?

24.Shadow banking also encompasses aspects of regulated systems. How true is this?

25.What are the intermediary roles of the shadow banking institutions?

26.How is shadow banking institutions structured?

27.Identify any structural similarities with the regulated banking systems?

28.Why should shadow banks include money market funds?

29.How does the sizes of the shadow banking institutions compare to their regulated counterparts?

30.The liquidity of the financial sector increases with shadow banking operations. How true is this?

31.How does a shadow banking institution help to create safe assets?

32.Shadow banks help in collateral intermediation. How does this happen?

33.Is it true that the economy can proper even without shadow banking institutions?

34.The shadow banking entities provide loans to those who would otherwise be denied. How is this possible?

35.Transaction security can be guaranteed by the existence of shadow systems. Explain this statement.

36.Why do you think the shadow banking activities continue to grow?

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