Columbus essay

Christopher Columbus Essay: “Good Guy or Bad Guy?”

There are only three people for which we have a national holiday. (MLK-Jesus and Columbus). He is often called the “most successful failure or greatest failure in history?”Why?

The assignment is to read two articles at the bottom, and watch any two video clips below and write an opinion paper, on the above question. The paper should have the following format for full credit:

  • Double spaced and a 12 font typed with an original title made by you and your typed name and Mr. Neumeyer , with the date and class period on the front. Put in a word count. Make sure the list all sources used at the end of your paper. Do NOT submit more than one paper. I only grade the first one, which will be your final submission.
  • 750-1000 word minimum. You may type more if need be. That’s about a page or two. There are three parts of your paper. You may use several paragraphs in each part. You may go over 1000 words , if you find it necessary.
  • In part one you should discuss what YOUR articles / video clips are about.
  • In part two you should give examples of why Columbus is either a good guy, bad guy or both. (According to the articles and video clips)
  • The final part should be a conclusion, including your opinion. Things to consider are: Is this guy worth a city named after in Ohio? Should we honor him by having a day off work in October? Can a person do great things, but not be a very nice fellow? Are people a victim of the times they live in and would we have been any different, if we went back to 1492 in a time machine? Is Columbus given too much credit? Will we see a day when Columbus Day is a thing of the past? Will it become “Explorers Day?”
  • Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, following the above format are important and points will be deducted accordingly. You need a word count at the end.
  • Note: You have to watch only 2 videos and 2 articles need to be read and all four items need to be talked about in essay…below are multiple option of videos and articles you may choose only 2 of each if you want.
  • Watch any two video clips

Columbus Article links. YOU will Pick any 2 articles.

If there is a space in the address , there may be an underscore.

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