Child maltreatment

Description: Students must conduct an analysis of a case approved by the instructor and demonstrate an understanding of the case and apply sound reasoning to support their opinions. Students must follow the assigned rubric and articulate their own individual agreement or disagreement with the Courts’ decisions as well as the casework decisions made by social work professionals. Students must apply sound reasoning to support their opinions. The written case review must be a minimum of 5 pages (not including the cover page and reference pages).

. See the Child Study Analysis document to view the cases that are approved. As a group, select a case you wish to review. Conduct research using at least 3 information sources on the case you are assigned. Attempt to locate official reports or documents for DCF, law enforcement and other professional sources. You are encouraged to begin your search using the Innocents Lost database. It is the most comprehensive resource available. In addition, you are expected to search all other sources which will include newspapers, websites, television stations in the area the child lived, etc.


The child in which we chose is: Janiya Thomas (check the child study analysis document)

This is a group assignment. Myself and two other classmates have split up the questions in which we have to answer in order to form the overall paper. My questions are:

2. Provide a summary of the case facts and significant issues of the case.

3. Provide details regarding family background and demographics of the family. Include information broadly about risk factors and protective factors. Include information about the family’s neighborhood, culture, education, lifestyle, etc.

We all have to complete this portion: at the end of your paper write a personal message to the child victim that honors their life. Share your feelings about their life and the tragedy that happened to them. Express to them what you personally would like them to say to them if you had the opportunity.

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