Child Development Theories Class

Answer the following prompt with 2 FULL paragraphs. The professor is asking for at least 15 sentences! Nothing less! Also, the Professor wants you to reference either the powerpoint or the article (That I uploaded in the files section below). She will take off points if you don’t mention either the powerpoint or article at some point and reference it…. Here is the following prompt..

Evaluate whether you, personally, experienced development (according to Freud’s definitions).

For example, did you experience a sexual attraction toward the parent of the opposite sex or castration anxiety/penis envy?

2 paragraphs required and reference to the lecture, video viewed in class or article read at home must be made within your forum.

Here is an example of what some of my classmates have written… PLEASE do NOT plagiarize it, but it is just an example of what majority students have been writing in the discussion boards.. You can read it and get a little example of it, BUT do your own work and do not copy…

According to Freud’s stages of development, I personally experienced the oral stage. Up to 14 years of age my nails were a mess. Ever since I can remember I would bite my nails because I was nervous or anxious about something. Eventually, it became a bad habit that I would turn to when I was simply bored. Based on Freud and his stages, this definitely fits with his assumptions. I don’t know why or how this became a problem for me because I had a normal feeding schedule where I was satisfied to move on to the next phase. In fact, my parents always say how I never took a pacifier when they would try to give it during desperate situations to make me calm down.

In the article, “Psychosexual Development in Infants and Young Children” Hoing writes about Freud’s theory of a child’s first year of life, they turn to sucking for nutritional purposes and sensual gratification, orally from the mom. In other words, children become sexual beings from birth, and in order for them to reach different stages of their development, they have to be sufficiently satisfied with this phase first. Looking back to my nail biting, it becomes a little contradicting because even though I did suffer from one of the outcomes of the oral developmental stage, I however didn’t suffer from the sensual gratification received through breastfeeding. Today, nail biting has become taking off my nail polish by scratching it off when I’m feeling anxious and nervous. This makes me wonder. What if I wasn’t actually as satisfied as I think I was?

I also have a very bad nail biting problem…. Ever since I was 5 until 21 I am always biting my nails and biting my skin when nervous… So I would also say Nail biting.

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