Case Ethics

  • Read Ethics Case 10.5 – text page 213-214
  • Provide written answers to the two questions in the case – text page 214.
  • Read Ethics Case 13.5 – text pages 251
  • Provide written answers to the two questions in the case – text page 251.
  • Please refer to the Characteristics of Effective Writing and other portions of the syllabus for writing guidance.


    All written work, whether a paper, a summary, or a short-answer essay for a test question, should exhibit the following characteristics.Although each characteristic refers to “the paper,” you may substitute “the memo,” “the summary,” “the test answer,” or the name of any other written assignment.

    Main Idea

    The paper is focused, meets the expectations set up by the writer, and makes these expectations clear to the reader.The paper shows a clear sense of purpose.


    The paper is clearly developed; transitions are clear from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.In other words, the writer has not simply made a series of unrelated or vaguely related statements.Rather, each sentence and paragraph carries the reader closer to an understanding or appreciation of the writer’s goal.


    The writer provides specific, concrete, and appropriate information from memory, observation, reading, interviewing, or other sources.The paper is well developed with examples, details, illustrations, anecdotes, or the like.


    Sentences are varied and word choices are accurate.There is an absence of “clutter” or “padding.”Phrasing is clear and direct.Tone is handled consistently; sentence length and word choices are appropriate to the audience and purpose of the piece.


    Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and aspects of format are handled correctly.The writer has prepared the paper carefully with attention to appearance and other details.Opening, closing, and title are strong and contribute to the sense of purpose, focus, and unity of the piece of writing.


    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • What is my major point?
    • Have I supported generalizations, opinions, and conclusions with specific examples?
    • Have I avoided using unnecessary words and clichés?
    • Have I proofread for spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors?
    • Have I used the grammar and spell-check program in my word processing software?

    Did I make the correct choices in accepting or rejecting the grammar and spelling suggestions?

    must be 4 pages

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