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Unit 9 Assignment: Video Analysis

In Unit 7 you learned that being able to manage emotions is a key component to successful interpersonal interactions. Not everyone encountered will think and feel the same. Even when we disagree, or find ourselves in conflict, it is still possible to confirm others and work toward win-win solutions. After all, conflict is a neutral term; it is how we choose to engage in conflict and resolve it that makes it positive or negative.

For the Unit 9 assignment you will draw on readings from chapters 8 and 9 to analyze the following video and craft a Q&A style response to the questions below. Start by watching the video and then address the following questions by incorporating the course reading material in each answer to support your analysis.

Video Resource: A Conversation: Ken and Jan

Resource: Video Transcripts

  1. Using concepts from Chapter 8, what two ways could Ken have created a more confirming climate at the start of his interaction with Jan?
  2. Suggest two ways that Jan might have more effectively sought Ken’s forgiveness based on what you learned in Unit 9.
  3. Drawing on course readings from throughout the term, identify the diversity present. Specifically, identify two differences in communication Jan and Ken exhibit. For example, diversity related to self-concept, gender, nonverbal cues or orientations to conflict. How can understanding these differences help Jan and Ken to better manage the conflict, while attending to the relationship level of meaning?
  4. Describe two characteristics of emotional intelligence defined in the Unit 7 readings. How would using the emotional intelligence strategies detailed in the text have positively impacted this interaction?
  5. Drawing on the Unit 9 readings, how would you describe Jan’s orientation to conflict? How would you define Ken’s orientation to conflict? In what ways could each apply specific characteristics of a win-win orientation from the course readings to create a more successful conflict outcome?
  6. Identify two places in the dialogue where Jan and Ken missed opportunities to manage conflict successfully. Specifically, describe what they did do and then explain which of the conflict management skills should have been applied to create a more positive conflict resolution.

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