bedford boys

Format: Open a new Word document. The document should be double-spaced. At the top of
the document, write your name. On the next line, cite the book in Chicago style. If you need
help citing the book Chicago style, follow the “Son of Citation Machine” link at the bottom of
the Moodle class page. If the citation does not contain the author, the title, the publisher, year,
and the number of pages, you did it incorrectly. The final product should be between 750 and
1,000 words. A Works Cited page is not required. The first paragraph should briefly summarize
the overview of the book (brief enough that if you were telling a relative with a short attention
span over Thanksgiving dinner what the book was about, they wouldn’t fall asleep, but detailed
enough to sufficiently explain what the book is about), and the subsequent paragraphs should
address the questions below. Where you quote directly from the book, be sure to enclose the
page number you reference in parenthesis (112).
A book review is not a typical report. You are expected to only draw from the book as a
resource to respond to the questions. Generally speaking, you are to discuss the book in a
detached, reportorial manner, and not whether you ‘liked’ the book.
Ensure your report addresses the following questions:
1. Why did many of the Bedford Boys join the army in the first place?
2. How did the answer to question #1 affect how the Bedford Boys viewed their place in the
3. How did the soldiers’ family and love lives impact their morale?
4. How did different men react to their seemingly doomed combat assignment?
5. How did the town and various family members react to the casualty reports?
6. How did the survivors feel about surviving?
7. Do you agree with the decision to erect the national D-Day monument in Bedford?
8. What was your favorite part of the book?
9. What was your least favorite part of the book?

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