Based on the information here make 8 slide powerpoint

Based on the information here, make a PowerPoint with no more than 8 slides. In one of the slides, put a video that related to the subject in the PowerPoint. Besides, I want you to answer those questions in add them to the slide as a bulette point in add notes to summarize them.

In each slide PowerPoints in the “add notes,” I want you to summarize or resume what I have to say in every single bullet point in the PowerPoint.

In the “add notes,” make sure those words you will add relate to each bulette point, also reflect what was on each slide.

In add notes, put words that easily pronounce. and explained clearly what I would have to say during the presentation


Part 1: Introduction

  • For one to have a difficult conversation, several factors have to be considered, such as determining answers to “what happened,” knowing and understanding individuals’ emotional aspects in the workplace or home, and realizing their identity in the whole process.
  • Is having a difficult conversation as tricky as it sounds?
  • How easy or difficult is it to have a difficult conversation?
  • Indeed, workplace communication is crucial in the work environment since it helps manage people and resources. The situation is associated with the aspect of workers’ interaction being boosted by effective communication.
  • What happened stage.
  • Determining Emotional Elements (Feelings)
  • Identity
  • 1) The pandemic has affected many globally, creating concerns about whether social and economic life will or can be regained in the future.
  • How severe were these effects, and do you think the economic and social life will return to normalcy?
  • 2) As much as the business continues, working from home has also increased stress levels and low productivity for these employees, and employers want to help change the situation. This begins by finding answers to the question in the “what happened stage.” The question now will be, will we ever find the answers we are looking for?
  • 1) The change of work environment and the effects of the pandemic on businesses have left many divergent emotions, some of which have caused an increased rate of depression in the business sector.
  • Assuming you had a job, how would you feel if you lost it?
  • 2) Having difficult conversations with individuals with such conditions due to the pandemic should involve other interventions to obtain the right answers.
  • What are some of these interventions?
  • 1) The major contributor to most employees’ identity is in what they do or the level of performance they offer. Therefore, when having a difficult conversation with such people, it is crucial to acknowledge their status or performance rate.
  • Is addressing people with respect to their performance and identity right?
  • 2) They should be understood and considered since they are floating in a wave of career confusion and a myriad of challenges that come with their career. Having a difficult conversation for this group can be sensitive and elevating the employee’s self-esteem.
  • What are some of the ways of boosting the performances of such a group of people?

Part II: Conclusion

  • Indeed, workplace and home communication are crucial in the work environment since it helps manage people and resources. The situation is associated with the aspect of workers’ interaction being boosted by effective communication.

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