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Unit 1 – Individual Project

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Assignment Overview

Individual Project

Information Flows Within the Business Environment




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Assignment Details

Assignment Description

The public accounting profession is quite competitive and it is through the effective use of technology that one can maintain a competitive edge. For example, an auditor can usually complete an audit engagement in less time–and be surer of his/her findings–than he/she would be without using technology in his/her audit. This will permit the auditor to charge less for his/her work and to obtain more clients. And, if his/her findings can be supported, he/she will be less likely to experience legal ramifications (from the SEC, from stockholders, and so on).

  • Discuss some other changes you think will occur in the way financial information is gathered, processed, and communicated as a result of increasingly sophisticated IT.
  • Discuss several career opportunities available to students who combine a study of accounting with course work in AISs, information systems, and/or computer science. Can you think of other jobs where these skill sets would be desirable?
  • “When we computerize an AIS, we merely change how the data is processed; we don’t change what tasks are performed.” Do you agree? Give examples to support your position.
Grading Criteria
Analyze the given situation in the IP. 50%
Additional research supporting the initial answer to the IP. 30%
Justified ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from texts, Web sites, and other references or personal experience. 20%

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