Argument Essay


After preparing for this essay, you will write a Classical style of argument. You compose a “letter” (simply the content not the format of a formal letter) to a friend, or the author of an article that has disturbed you, or perhaps a group that holds an opinion different from yours or one about which you feel passionately and your audience is without a defined opinion.

As you generate ideas for your letter, take stock of what you know about your audience and summarize his or her views in a way that your audience would find satisfactory and palatable. This topic is open-ended. You are simply choosing your audience, then writing a letter to them in an attempt to convince them of your opinion on a particular topic. For example, I might write a Classical argument about where to eat lunch in a particular city. My friend who is my travel companion has never been to this city, so I am attempting to convince a neutral audience of where to eat. Your essay will be written in MLA format. You will write at least a 5-paragraph essay with an introduction, a body of at least 3 paragraphs, and a conclusion. If you use outside sources, your essay will require a Works Cited page.

Remember that anything you say in your essay that is not your original thought – whether quoted or paraphrased must be cited within the essay (in-text citations) and on a Works Cited page.

It will be formatted as an essay with a clear introduction ending with your thesis statement (or claim that will be proven), body or middle (each body paragraph with a clearly stated – never a question – topic sentence and conclusion) and conclusion paragraph. I will be looking specifically to see if you have followed the assignment’s objective. You are responsible for ALL content – this means the formatting, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and satisfaction of the objective. DO NOT USE WORD TO FORMAT YOUR WORKS CITED.

Wikipedia is not a valid source.

Essay requirements: your essay must be double-spaced, written in Times New Roman, 12 point type and be formatted in MLA. Length of this assignment is 1000 words, and the essay is worth increases with each essay. If you have any questions, please feel free to email prior to the essay’s due date, and I will walk you through formatting your WORD document

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