Anthropology writing paper -h

1500-2000 WORDS,

15 references

Your research project is an ethnographic report on some aspect of nutritional anthropology. Ethnography is a narrative of an anthropologist’s research and our two primary methods: observation and interview. You are asked to use an ethnographic component—either an interview OR an observation to engage in a SMALL study relating to nutritional anthropology. Small is the appropriate word— use the ethnographic component to exemplify something about the subject you have chosen.

The interview or participant observation is a major component of the final paper !!!

Final Paper:

A biocultural examination of your chosen topic

  1. 1500-2000 words
  2. Bio-cultural—both a biological anthropological and a cultural examination
  3. Use your interview or observation to explain the topic you chose.
  4. Bibliography should include:
    1. 5 Academic/scholarly sources (from your first assignment)
    2. 5 Readings from the course (preferably more)
    3. At least 5 other sources/readings (preferably more)
  5. Pay attention to feedback on your assignments and ask for help, if needed.

How We Will Grade: See grading guidelines in the Syllabus. Other considerations will include following directions. If you want to get a C, just do what is required—which includes following directions (e.g., if you are required to include course readings in your final paper but you do not, your score will suffer). If you want an A or a B, do more. If you want to get a D, ignore directions and do less.

Grading Guidelines:

A: Does the assignment exceptionally well—richer, deeper analysis and insightful discussion. Outstanding written work and participation. Demonstrates a very high quality of understanding of course material.

B: Does more than just the assignment and does it well. Very good written work and participation. Shows a high quality of understanding of course material.

C: Does the assignment but nothing more. Acceptable written work and participation. Shows an understanding of course material.

D: Does not really do the assignment. Poor written work. Shows minimal understanding of course material.

F: Does not really do the assignment. Incomplete work and/or shows a lack of understanding of course material.

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