anthropology writing -02

Choose one!!!!! of the following 4 questions

All the readings are here:…

Your essay should be at least 450 words (about 1.5 double-spaced pages):

E1. Examine the topic of cultural classification in archaeology. How do archaeologists define and categorize ancient societies? Discuss, in detail, the different levels of social complexity that are often distinguished and provide at least one archaeological example for each. Define and illustrate the different aspects of each category, such as population size, mobility, complexity, hierarchies, and so forth, found within each classification. Finally, what archaeological evidence is important for these classifications?

E2. In an essay in which you use appropriate site examples, review how archaeologists do their field work. Take either a) means of finding sites and understanding relationships among them, or b) means of recovering information contained in sites. Be sure to indicate which choice you select to write about and include at least two specific site examples for your answer.

E3 . Briefly, identify the main changes in archaeological theory within the last 50 years. That is, what are the main conceptual frameworks (or paradigms) or periods in archaeological practice during that period? Provide appropriate examples of sites that are historically important and key archaeologists for each period discussed.

E4. Examine the concept of “Civilization” and “Early State” as discussed in your text and in Week 5 websites. How can we define these terms? What do they mean for archaeological analysis and interpretation? Be sure to use examples and specific case studies, including reference to the researchers involved, or examples to highlight your main points.…………

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