Answer the Following questions individually and with No Plagiarism | Computer Networking

  1. Why are standards important for protocols?
  2. What advantages does TDM have over FDM in a circuit-switched network?
  3. Consider
    sending a packet from a source host to a destination host over a fixed
    route. List the delay components in the end-to-end delay. Which of these
    delays are constant and which are variable?
  4. List the five layers in the Internet protocol stack and the principal responsibilities of each of these layers.
  5. What is an application-layer message? A transport-layer segment? A network- layer datagram? A link-layer frame?
  6. Describe multiplexing in terms of channel selection and how it is used for DSL and Cable Internet access.
  7. What is the difference between Network and Application Architecture?
  8. For a communication session between a pair of processes, which process is the client and which is the server?
  9. If you wanted to do a transaction from a remote client to a server as fast as possible. Would you use TCP or UDP and why?
  10. What layer does SSL operate at? As a developer, what would you have to do to enhance TCP with SSL?
  11. Why do HTTP, SMTP and POP3 use TCP instead of UDP
  12. From
    the user’s perspective, what is the difference in email (POP3) when you
    use a “download and delete” versus a “download and keep” mode?
  13. Why would UDP server only need one socket and a TCP server need 2 sockets?
  14. Consider
    an HTTP client that wants to retrieve a Web document at a given URL.
    The IP address of the HTTP server is initially unknown. What transport
    and application-layer protocols besides HTTP are needed in this

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