3 questions

Answer all questions. Your answers to each question must not exceed 1 page single-spaced. Use your knowledge from course readings and lectures to answer the questions thoroughly. Make direct reference to authors and readings from the course in your answers. Brief quotations from relevant theorists are encouraged. Questions:

1. Read the attached editorial from Orion magazine by Derrick Jensen. Consider the second story, the one with Larry Buchanan, where a village in Bolivia is removed to access silver.

a. Analyze the situation from a “technowit” and/or environmental modernization perspective. What is the view of nature from this perspective?

b. Discuss the view of nature presented by the villagers. Are their views better reflected by environmental modernization or ecofeminism and social ecology? c. How would Leopold’s land ethic and Naess’ deep ecology contribute the analysis of the situation?

2. Consider the following facts about the US invasion of Iraq in 2003: -at least 125,000 Iraqis killed

-3 million Iraqis were exiled or internally displaced

-continued armed insurgency and sectarian violence

-about US$1 trillion dollars used by the US in the war

-Iraqi oil reserves rank 3rd in the world

-no evidence of weapons of mass destruction was found

a. What would be a socialist interpretation of the war? Keep in mind that the invasion was mostly based on a voluntary army and the occupation aided by private security forces.

b. What would be feminist perspectives of the war? Can there be more than one feminist perspectives on this issue?

3. Consider the famines in the late 1800s in India described by Mike Davies. Write a paragraph on these famines from each of the following perspectives: a. John. S. Mill

b. Vladimir Lenin

c. British Nationalism

d. Social Darwinism

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