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Module 01 Written Assignment – Organizational Leadership and Management

You are a recent graduate of business school and are beginning a new
position in HR as a corporate trainer. The first week on the job, you
realize that many people in your department and the entire organization
often use the terms organizational leadership and management
synonymously. You know the importance of understanding the differences
of each of these competencies. You explain your findings to your new
supervisor, and she agrees that this is an important distinction that
needs to be addressed quickly. She puts you in charge of creating a
presentation that you will share with your peers in the HR department
and all hiring managers next month.
Create a presentation that explains the differences between organizational leadership and management.

  • Introduction – 1 slide
  • Define organizational leadership – 1 slide minimum
  • List and explain organization leadership characteristics and traits – 1 slide minimum
  • Define management – 1 slide minimum
  • List and explain management characteristics and traits – 1 slide minimum
  • Summary of differences – 1 slide minimum

Module 01 Discussion – Leadership Roles

It important for organizations to have individuals with both management

skills and leadership traits as decision-makers. Explain whether the

role of manager, along with the necessary traits and skills a manager

must possess, is more important than the role of a leader, and those

traits and skills. If your last name begins with the letter A-M, please

argue the side that the role of manager is the most important. If your

last name begins with the letter N-Z, please argue that the role of a

leader is the most important.


Anay Fuentes

Module 1 Discussion


A leader and a manager are similar in many ways, but still have
differences between them. Managers work and strive to become leaders,
while many leaders may not even be a manager or boss in a work setting
some times. Managers are given this role usually because they have
traits and skills to be good at what they do. Being organized, having
good communication skills, motivators, and people skills are all things a
good manager needs to do the job right. Leaders may also posess these
talents and develop things as they go too. Although I see leaders as the
raw potential to becoming a manager. In many previous jobs myself, I
was labeled as a leader because I do my job well, efficiently, and help
my team mates out when they need it, although I have never had a
managerial job before, I know if I became manager with no prior
experience I would be very lost and confused in my work environment. It
goes to show that, being a leader is mainly a good trait to have as a
manager which does many other things on top of being a leader.


4 hours ago

Melissa Coleman

module 1


Hello Everyone,

Management skills are an important part of business
knowlage. A manager needs to be ready, willing, and able to make
decisions based on the best interest of the company or organization.
Having good manager skills is important because it means a person is
able to pay attention to small details as well as large concerning
aspects of an organization. A good manager is also an intelligent
“people person” that knows how to talk to his or her coworker in such a
way that will resolve conflict and bring resolution in situations that
arise. Athough beiing a good manager means possessing both leadership
and managment skills, having management skills is arguable more
important than having good leadership skills. After all, most of being a
good manager is knowing how to do the job one was tasked to do. Only a
small fraction, one could arugue, of leadership skills is responsable
for being a manager. This is because most people have no idea what goes
on behind the scenes of a managieral position where most of the work is

Have a great day everyone,


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