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Define the importance of having an emergency operations plan (EOP).

EOP – Emergency Operating Plan addresses strategy, tactics, responsibilities and resources, the pillars emergency operations system. The importance of having an EOP is to reduce the risk of severe losses due to causalities and establish overall authority, roles and responsibilities for trained personnel. (

Identify steps that could be taken to address shortfalls that may occur in the areas of resources or trained personnel capabilities.

Equipment inventory is not part of the EOP. Equipment lists serve to identify and correct shortfalls. Personnel using special purpose equipment such as self-contained breathing apparatus, as required by OSHA, should have refresher courses and training yearly. (Perry & Lindell, 2007)

Lack of communication and coordination between governmental agencies and hospitals. The EOP needs to define plans for situations when or if the hospital is deemed unusable. Additional training of hospital personnel needs to be improved. (Farmer & Carlton, 2006)

Explain your rationale behind the step selections. Lack of proper and/or outdated equipment can delay effective and efficient recovery efforts.

Personnel in charge of issuing or using equipment need to be fully trained on how to properly use the equipment.

During any disaster whether natural or terroristic, hospitals play one of the most important parts in providing medical attention to those in need. Should the nearest hospital become unusable, due to lack of rooms, personnel, medicine, there needs to be a backup plan. Local government and all hospitals in the surrounding area need to have a plan to be available at a moment’s notice.


Entire communities can be shut down by a disaster. This includes local businesses, government buildings and city services. It is important that each of these organizations create an emergency plan for the stability of operations. An emergency operations plan (EOP) is a basic component of an emergency management program that provides the general authority, roles, and functions performed during incidents. Emergencies may include fires, bomb threats, terrorism, natural disasters, or major crimes. The plan establishes guidelines for dealing with a variety of situations and to ensure that emergency officials are familiar with those procedures and their roles in the event of a crisis (Perry & Lindell, 2007).

Shortfalls in emergency planning can occur when planners fail to account for community’s needs, capabilities, and resources. One way to address these gaps is to ensure the community is engaged in the planning process and included as an integral part of the plan. An effective plan cannot be achieved without an understanding of the community. Another way is to ensure the EOP is flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. Contingency plans need to be included so emergency officials can respond adequately by improvisation during an emergency. A large, complicated plan makes it hard for responders to understand their roles in the overall emergency response (Perry & Lindell, 2007).

Additionally, constant training and exercises for all hazards would improve personnel and response capabilities. Training ensures everyone in response roles knows their duties and responsibilities. This includes fire personnel, police, emergency medical services personnel, public works employees, and others. There also should be training for personnel in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and other facilities (Perry & Lindell, 2007)

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