You should drive a stick shift.

A preparation outline is required for your persuasive speech. Refer to Chapter 11 in The Art of Public Speaking for an example and a complete description on the use and development of a preparation outline.

Your typed, complete preparation outline should:

  • Include your topic, general purpose statement, specific purpose statement, and central ideas statement.
  • Demonstrate the logical structure and organization of your speech.
  • Be broken down into the three main sections of your speech: introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Indicate how you plan to transition from one section to the next. You must include a complete bibliography with your outline.
  • Please refer to pp. 210–213 of the textbook for a good sample preparation outline. You should use this example as a template when creating and submitting your own outline. Your instructor may provide a template to use in place of the one from the text.

For the overall structure, be sure to incorporate the following:

  • A clear and logical organizational pattern throughout
  • Effective, smooth transition sentences between sections
  • The introduction should include:
    • A creative and effective attention-getter or hook
    • A statement relating the topic to yourself and your audience
    • The overarching idea of your speech and a preview of your main points
  • The body of the speech should be broken into logical main points that support the overall theme, topic, and purpose. This speech should effectively persuade your audience to follow a certain opinion or action. Use your evidence wisely (examples, statistics, testimony, and stories), cite all sources, and utilize vivid language.
  • Be sure to review and highlight the main points in your conclusion.

3 supporting views and 2 opposing views

The most important and challenging part of the persuasive speech is the Response to Opposing Views.

Your audience is right in front of you. Be sure to speak directly to them, which means speaking in SECOND Person, i.e., “You”!

A “B Quality” Response to Opposing View will look like this:

1.) “You may believe ……” 2.) “However” 3.) Then respond to this view in your own words

An “A Quality” Response to Opposing View will look like this:

1.) “Like (Name Expert Here), you may believe …..” 2.) Quote that expert 3.) “However” 4.) Respond to this belief in your own words FIRST 5.) Then quote an expert to support your ideas

Here are some excellent Persuasive Speeches to watch:

You Should ….

You may believe …

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