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The Annotated Bibliography

This assignment is crucial; it allows you to explore various positions on your issue and conduct the necessary research before you dive into your Researched Argument Essay. To search for information about your issue, use various keywords to narrow your search and find the best articles, websites, etc. Remember to select articles and references carefully and to be suspicious when deciding which articles to use. Also, remember to include those articles that you might not even agree with. They will be important to you, too. Keep in mind that all of your sources must be substantial sources; a one-page article simply won’t be acceptable.

**Don’t forget to watch the instructor video at the bottom of the page. Also, see the rubric below that.

The Annotated Bibliography: Find eight sources that deal with your issue and present varying positions. All eight sources should be found using the Macomb Library databases. However, the majority (at least four) of your sources must be scholarly journal essays retrieved from the library’s databases; these are the most authoritative and reliable sources.


Once you have decided on your sources, you will have to read and analyze them and take good notes. If they are long or book-length articles, then do your best to skim them. Always look at the table of contents, the chapter headings, and the index or bibliography in the back. You can learn a lot about a book from doing these things before you read it at length. You will then go back and read carefully the parts that are relevant to your researched argument essay. For more, see the article “Reading Games: Strategies for Reading Scholarly Sources” in the Week Four module.

To create your draft of the Annotated Bibliography, make a list. List the sources alphabetically by author’s last name, using MLA style, and then write a careful summary of each source, which you will place beneath each citation. Make sure to identify the author’s claim in your short summary. Review the two sample student annotated bibliographies below.

Note: Please carefully review the materials below, as well as the materials in the Week Four module, for support with this assignment.

Length: 8 citations in alphabetical order, each with a substantial annotation (150 words+)

Format: MLA (8th edition)

Points: 130 points

i attached a sample please follow the same direction

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