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  1. Select an organization or publicly-traded company and locate a relevant data set (sales, revenue, etc.). Apply the concepts covered during the week to a use case with real-world data for a business or organization.
    Provide a brief explanation of your data, the business or organization, and the use case. If you are uncertain of the data or organization to use for this assignment, please contact me.Once you have chosen a data set and organization, create an Excel file in which you apply functions to demonstrate the use case. On a separate sheet in the Excel file, write a brief overview and summary in which you:

    • Provide an overview of your data, business/organization, and use case
    • Analyze the data and give reasoning of why you think it is useful to the business or organization.
    • Articulate what Excel functions you have used and apply it to the dataset to demonstrate it.

    Submit your complete Excel file to the Assignments area of the course. You may use the same organization throughout your assignments, but the use case must be unique and directly apply concepts covered in each week.

  2. OFFSET Function Learning Resources

    • Goals for this week and their relationship to our course objectives

      This week our learning materials, activities, and assignments will help you achieve these goals:

      • Begin to understand the purpose of OFFSET functions
      • Practice using OFFSET functions
      • Develop proficiency with the use of OFFSET functions

      which will assist you in achieving these course objectives:

      • Understand different techniques used for data analysis.
      • Design and implement realistic predictive solutions based on data eliminating uncertainty about data quality.
      • Evaluate the impact decisions support systems and Business Intelligence have on an organization.
      • NOTE: This week’s content explores the OFFSET Function.
      • I need 3 pages for the assignment & references are imp.

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