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Total word count: 350

For this assignment, select a song that is 5 minutes or longer that you have listened to often.This song can be any genre, aslong as it is one that

is familiar to you. Do not pick a song discussed in your textbook.See the textbook for an idea of what your listening guides might look like (they are in

the blue call-out boxes), but your guide does not need to conform to this format. Be creative in the way you organize your guide, using the format that

best helps you express the important aspects of the piece. The purpose of thisassignment is for you to describe to me—using terms used in this class—musicthat you enjoy.

Essential elements to include:

1.Basic information of the piece.Title, composer/band/singer, date, genre.

2.General musical characteristics.Include descriptions of at least three of the following: form, text, texture, melody, harmony, performing forces.

3.Important musical events. Describe what happens at major marking points in the song (e.g., when the chorus arrives, when a solo begins, etc.), and include timings (0:00, 2:24, 3:25, etc.). That way I can listen to the track you are describing and go directly to that spot on the recording. Important: you do not need to give a play-by-play of the music, only the important musical events; part of your job is to separate the important from the non-important.

4.If there’s a text, include it in your guide.

5.You may want to visually represent excerpts of the music. You may do this in any way that makes sense to you, and can clearly be communicated to someone else (e.g., a contour graph).Assessment: Your grade for the guide will be determined by the following criteria:•discernment (did you include all of the important musical events?)•accuracy (when I listen to the track, will I hear what you describe?)•integrity of the work (the work must be solely accomplished by you)

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