write an oral ppt (write up)

Page 1: There are different information technology business strategies available and aligning

These strategies with the hospital business strategy is necessary

Not just for success but for survival too.

For the alignment of IT business, four domains are necessary to follow.

Page 2: These domains include

Information technology strategy

Business strategy

The infrastructure of hospital and

Infrastructure of information technology

Page 3: The fundamental dimension which must be followed for alignment are

Strategic Fit, which is concerned with the integration of the information technology market place with the position of the hospital

Strategic Integration, which is the alignment between the information technology infrastructure and the infrastructure of the hospital

Page 4: These must be followed along with four perspectives, which are

Strategic execution

Competitive potential

Technology potential, and

Service level

Write a presentation script(write up) for an Oral PPT(15 minutes) in simple words by reading the below paragraph and above slide pages. Also, give effective examples so that the listeners can understand the ppt. The goal of your script is to make it sound like I know the topic of this presentation inside out. You can see the page slides above 1,2,3 & 4. Lastly, explain how data analysis helps here.

Data analysis is the part of the report in which the analysis of gathered data is done so that the data can be used in the study. The author had used different types of data in the research article. There are different information technology business strategies available and aligning these strategies with the hospital business strategy is necessary not just for success but for survival too. (Mohamed Khalifa, 2018) However, while integrating the business strategies with hospital policy, many information technologies officers and hospital managers may neglect to answer critical questions during the planning process. This leads to making the gap in the model of the alignment. The alignment is not just linking the business strategy to information technology. Although strategy integration is necessary for the creation of the high potential value of the information technology investment, but it is not sufficient for the alignment model. The technology fitting along with the structure and process to match the integration is also very critical for the success of the model. This model will provide a logical framework to solve different issues of integration.

The alignment can occur based on four domains. These domains include information technology strategy, business strategy, the infrastructure of hospital and infrastructure of information technology. The hospital business strategy is the term of choosing about managing and positioning the products of the hospital and market of the hospital. The central of this domain raises many questions like will it work? Will it be effective in curing? etc. On the other hand, hospital infrastructure is the choice of internal arrangements that are used to support the business strategy of the hospital. There is a big range of possible construct that can represent this domain and three of them are process, skills and administrative structures. These constructs focus on the choice of the roles and responsibilities, authority hospital structure, capabilities of the employees of the hospital, and many more things. The information technology strategy is the choice of managing the position of any specific and selected hospital in the marketplace of information technology. the management of the hospital must understand the effectiveness of the information technology implementation in the business process of the hospitals. There are three major components of this information technology strategy. These components are business scope, analogous, and technology scope. These components help in the identification, evaluation, and understanding of the newly emerging information technology. the information system infrastructure is the domain that chose the internal arrangements and different internal processes that are necessary in order to implement the information technology strategy. This domain is the traditional and main focus of information technology planning. It is parallel to how business strategies are linked to the hospital infrastructure and it also helps in the governance od the policies and helps in managing the applications and technology. These four domains help in defining those major elements that must be aligned with the strategies to get the maximum advantages and effective work from information technology investments.The author also explained the linkage of all of these four domains as business and information technology must be linked together to get effective results. This linkage is just one side of the strategic alignment of the hospital. There are more fundamental dimensions that help in the alignment of hospitals and these are Strategic fit and strategic integration. These dimensions are used to produce the strategic alignment of the hospitals. In a strategic fit, effective management is required with the arrangement of the internal structure of the hospital and positioning of the external environment of the hospital and process as they are necessary to execute the strategic positioning (Eva, 2018). This form provides a brief analysis of the guidelines for the hospitals and helps in making the work effective. There are two different types of strategic fit. One is the classic strategy formulation and the other is the corresponding alignment of the information technology realm. The strategies of hospital information technology are analogous to their business. So, information technology infrastructure reflects the internal arrangements and that is important in order to execute the information technology strategy.

On the other hand, Strategic integration has two different types of alignment in the business of hospitals and information technology functions (Rothaermel, 2016). The first alignment is in between the business strategy of the hospitals and strategy of the information technology and another alignment is like the corresponding integration between the information technology infrastructure and infrastructure of the hospitals. The first mentioned alignment is concerned with the integration of the information technology marketplace z with the position of the hospital. Because the proper alignment between these two is the basic and fundamental need for getting value from the information technology investment. These strategies affect the information technology infrastructure and process as well as the transformation of the process of the hospitals. The second mentioned strategy of strategic integration is the alignment between the information technology infrastructure and the infrastructure of the hospital. That is the power or ability to implement and design the information technology infrastructure. So, to be effective, a strategic information technology management process must follow both the types of strategies i.e. strategic fit and strategic integration. The author also discussed the four basic perspectives of the strategic alignment that include strategic execution, competitive potential, technology potential, and service level (Warnaby, 2018). All these perspectives are important and must be followed by information strategy management to get an effective and good result of the model.

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