Write a 8 page paper base of of therapy you provided to the family in the story provided. you will use communication theory.

Please use APA format 3 references required.

1. Identification of selected theory of family intervention.

  • In what ways do you think you effectively illustrated the family approach, techniques, and skills you chose to demonstrate.
  • How did the differences (or similarities) between you and the family impact your use of techniques?
  • How did thinking about the family through lengths of traumatic events and experiences shape your understanding of family dynamics and relational interactions.
  • From the theoretical perspective of your family approach, what might be the next step you would use in working with the family? Or, what else might you have done that would have been more responsive to the family’s unique and specific situation?
  • Please describe in detail your contribution to the team product.
  • How did you manage the ethical issues in P 1?
  • Any other thoughts, observation, or reflection about your learning.
  • Name the selected theory: Communication Theory
  • Identify Major concepts of the theory.
  • Identify major techniques of the theory: Touching, Sculpting,

Verdrine Family

The Vedrine’s are in are an immigrant Haitian family who have lived in Miami for 25 years. Father (age 60) travels often to Haiti on business and has a secret family there; Mom 60 y/o Mischu is an LPN in poor health, (Hypotension, obesity and type ll diabetes.) She has three daughters (meriline 40, Barbara 36, and Azul 34) who live nearby in separate homes with their husbands and children. The daughters and mom are in therapy because mom wants to break the news to her daughters that she is divorcing her husband after 40 years of marriage.

You are the therapist, pretend you are having a first session with this family as a therapist and you are using. Communication theory is what you are using with is family. The 2 main techniques you are using is touch, sculpting and talking stick during therapy.

The attachment provide you with information about Communication Theory .

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