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1. In this discussion you’re going to talk about lying with data.

The way you communicate epidemiological findings matters. For example, in your reading, you’ll learn about the perils of reporting relative risk (RR) in cased where population attributable risk (PAR) would make more sense.

Another way that epidemiologists (or the people they work for) can mislead people is with graphics / data visualizations that obfuscate instead of enlightening. If you spend any time watching the news or following the COVID-19 pandemic on social media, you will have seen many examples of this (whether you noticed them or not).

Prompt: For this discussion, find a health-related example of misleading data visualization. It doesn’t have to be related to COVID-19; it can be anything in the health domain. Briefly describe 1) The health issue and why it’s important, 2) The REALITY of the data, 3) How and why the data visualization is misleading, and 4) How the problem(s) with the data visualization could be fixed.

2. Choose a global health problem that interests you. Now, suppose you’re working for a non-governmental organization (NGO) on that problem and that you’re testing out a community-based intervention to see if it improves your primary health outcome.

Briefly describe the global health issue you are tackling and which specific health outcome you want to change

Describe the study you would undertake to test your intervention

What study type did you choose, and why? (e.g., cross-sectional, case-control, retrospective cohort, prospective cohort, experimental/RCT)?

What is your study population?

How will you recruit them?

Are they similar to your population of interest?

What potential confounders (if any) do you want to control for?

What challenges/trade-offs do you anticipate in making your study work?

Use (and cite) evidence to support your arguments in both your response and reply to others.

Your response: 250-350 words per response

per reply: 150-250 words each total in 4 replies

I will upload four other’s responses to reply later, please send the 2 response first

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